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Cost efficiency is paramount in the automotive industry, not only in production but also in packaging. A thorny issue in the automotive industry is the safe transportation of parts. Whether it's car doors, bumpers, engines, auto parts or other heavy pieces, we provide extra sturdy cardboard packaging with our heavy duty corrugated cardboard, tailored to your specific products.


Your product's packaging is the first eye-catcher. It can be an incredible selling point and therefore better exude a certain persuasiveness. The Design & Experience Center helps you maximize your customer's - or end customer's - level of experience by taking a critical approach to both the shape and the outer and inner print of the box.

Food & frozen food

Food is often packed in bulk and transported in large containers by land, sea or air. They must be packed as compactly as possible so that as many units as possible fit into one container. In addition, they must be protected and arrive at their destination without loss of cargo. For each of these packaging needs, you will get a solution.

Furniture & decoration

You prefer to deliver your furniture and decoration without dents or scratches. With our sturdy cardboard packaging, we guarantee that your products are tightly packed in the box. This prevents them from sliding back and forth and significantly reduces the risk of damage.

Investment goods

Transporting precious and expensive goods is always delicate. You have every interest in delivering them undamaged. With our heavy duty corrugated packaging, you can be sure of the best protection. With customized packaging, you choose to eliminate unnecessary packaging material.


In the pharmaceutical industry, safety is paramount. Your packaging must state clear safety regulations for the user and for the transporter. Maximum protection, extra strength and traceability are extremely important here.

Potatoes, Vegetables & Fruit

Companies in this sector use so-called AGF trays, among other things. Europal Packaging is happy to assist them in producing and/or setting up these specific forms of packaging.

Kitchens & bathrooms

Similar to the broader furniture & decoration sector, this sector also needs optimal packaging solutions. In particular, our Limitless Packaging solutions offer a boost in efficiency here.

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